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Diane Cook

Following a 15-year career as an attorney, Diane Stelfox Cook became a special education teacher, serving in the Massachusetts public schools for 11 years. Today, she runs her late husband’s construction company. A native of Boston, Cook attended Boston Latin School, the nation’s oldest public school, holds a bachelor’s degree from Clark University, a Master’s Degree in Education from Framingham State University and received her law…
Diane Cook
Photo Credit: Chris Loomis
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So Many Angels

A Family Crisis and the Community That Got Us Through It Diane Cook’s idyllic suburban life was shattered with one phone call. As she stood five feet away from her two young sons, her husband, Jed, delivered the news: He had just been arrested. For attempted solicitation of a minor male over the internet. Her world suddenly in shambles, Diane could have fallen apart—but she knew that wasn’t an option. She was a mom; her responsibility…